(In the back ground transmitter Liblice - CR2/CR6)

    So it's me, my name is Vašek Jacyszyn. I was born in 1987 in Pilsen. Almost all my life I'm living in Dolany near Pilsen. Currently studying electrical engineering faculty at ZČU - magister degree. "Old Junk'' to deal with perhaps ever since I first discovered the screw. First "speaking device'' was radio Mír and russian Vef 202. I'm still turn with knobs and examined it. But then I exhibited this decices in the window and the sun destroyed it. Soon came under the first television. Thus frame from TV. I discovered it when I went with dad to fish. I had long been urging my father to take tv home. It was probably Orava, but really I can not remember. At home, I gave inside the polystyrene plate and I recessed resistors, caps to polystyrene and I hoped that it start working. Another tv followed, when our bought. I got Amethyst, Electronic 24 and Orava 222 after Grandma. Then I was in a bunker and heard a sound as the picture did not go. Nicely it was drowning and so I dried dishes on it. For long it caught fire and I ran away crying. After this experience, I wanted to tv for a long time to see. I began vigorously to the collection of the 7 classroom. We brought many television with my friends. I do not collected so much in high school. In this time I reconstructed the house, where I am now on a collection. Since then, what do I get a license, it is no problem with transport and collection is growing ......

    I enjoy everything that relates to electronics. DIY is not too foreign to me and do things at home before I threw money on new or repairman. I listen to hip-hop and pop Czech. The best radio stations is Blanik.
TV primarily to watch from behind.




ICQ: 498 704 691